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Frequently Asked Questions
Are the Presentations, Programs and Plans customized?
Absolutely, each Company, Agency, or Top Advisor will have different areas of focus and obviously varied visions and goals. Following an initial interview we can jointly determine the type and duration of the program.
Can I still benefit from the 25 Point System if I don't want to track points daily or my Company follows a different tracking method.
Yes, the daily tracking is a small percentage of the system, which begins with setting long term visions. These aspirations are broken down into proven medium and short tactics to achieve the long range goals.
Can the fee be negotiated to defer a portion to be based on results?
Yes, throughout my career I have been paid on results, so a portion can be based on getting the desired results.
Can the travel expenses be shared with other clients in the same area?
Yes, there will be an attempt to arrange a few programs in the same territory.